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Andrew Clifford

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Andrew Clifford founded and owns Minimal IT Ltd.

Andrew has nearly 20 years experience working in the IT departments of major UK retailers. He has worked as a programmer, methodologist, project manager, systems integration specialist, and systems architect. He has extensive experience as a consultant, advising IT management and staff on project and technology approaches.

During this time, Andrew grew frustrated by what he saw as "IT for IT's sake", and the inefficiencies and costs that this causes. To tackle this, Andrew founded Minimal IT to research into and offer high-value, low-cost IT solutions.

Andrew Clifford is also a co-founder and director of Metrici, who provide IT systems and services to help you measure and improve the quality of your IT systems, and to reduce risk.

You can contact Andrew at

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We use the term "metadata-driven" to describe IT solutions in which functionality is defined in data. Taking this to the extreme can provide unparalleled levels of speed, simplicity and versatility.
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System governance

System governance helps you implement high-quality systems, manage existing systems proactively, and improve failing systems.

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