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Image Magick is a powerful image manipulation utility that you can use to build automated image processing solutions or solve image management problems.
Open source products are the best choice for integrating into larger solutions.
There are many ways to improve system performance, but the best performance improvements come from a multidisciplinary approach.
The principle of least astonishment (POLA) is a simple concept for making computer systems more usable.
When it comes to incremental development and system evolution, not all technologies are created equal.
Assessment is a valuable part of the decision-making process, even if you don't use the assessment to make the decisions.
You can use simple mathematics to highlight areas that demand management attention and to stop bad news being hidden.
If you really want to achieve something spectacular, it's best not to know it's impossible.
When major projects go bad, ruthless scope management can save the organisation from ruin.
There is a surprising lack of standards for date and number formats.
Solutions should be simpler than problems, and development processes should be simpler than solutions.

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