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It is difficult to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.
For such a young subject, IT is disproportionately haunted by its history.
The idea of a unified approach is not marketing fluff, but reflects underlying IT architecture.
With a unified approach, creating a web app is as easy as creating a web page.
Everything in Metrici is built on a simple, self-defining structure.
Nodes, members, node types and member types make Metrici very versatile and let it hold any data. Metrici also has a hierarchical structure to make it even more flexible.
You can build sophisticated websites in Metrici, but you can also build simple websites very quickly and easily.
On the web, it's very easy to share stuff. What's harder is to keep your stuff private, and to only share it with the people you want.
Metrici MiniSite makes it easy to create websites in Metrici and gives you complete control over who can update and read them.
Metrici's data derivation makes it easy to build complicated processing and increases performance by orders of magnitude.
Metrici has a versatile storage model based more on pragmatism and experience than on data theory.
Metrici node types and member types allow you to define any data structure.
Display properties control how data is presented and how the user interacts with it.
Metadata redefinition is the most powerful feature of Metrici. But what is it, and why is it useful?
Metadata redefinition is the basis for Metrici's versatility, productivity and simplicity. How does it work?
The design challenges Metrici has faced with summary data are common to lots of systems, and the solution we have adopted could be used elsewhere.

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